Rhizomatic Amsterdam


with giacomo laser and martino mugnai on drums
curated by emily barsi
Rhizomatic Amsterdam 
19.08.2011 and 20.08.2011
performance 8 pm
The exhibition and performance is part of the artist-in-residence
program at rhizomatic project space.
Zabriskie Point Reloaded, the new exhibition of Robert Pettena, is
based on a musical research between different art performances. A
drummer is trying to keep the beat, completely enclosed in a wooden
box. A DJ, precariously positioned directly on the top of the box,
plays frantic sounds, trying to follow the beat of the drummer. The
vibrations created by the drummer keep interfering with the DJ's set.
The musicians are continuously searching for a dialogue throughout
this extreme situation, attempting to find a common point where their
two largely contrasting realities meet and connect.
The result is a kind of jam session where their musical dialogue meets
and clashes, in a cyclical way. Rhythms, sounds and surreal video
images draw us into loops of different perceptions and dimensions of
space and time.

Robert Pettena: born in Penbury (GB), now lives and works in Florence.
Whatever the language he uses, from video to photography, from
installations and performances, he upsets order and rules of social
behavior and mechanisms, revealing their contradictions and dualisms.
Giacomo Laser: lives in Florence (IT), he plays with Gioacchino Turú
and Vanessa V. in the guise of arranger and producer. He founded the
label Stuprobruciorecords. His work ranges from pop to avant-garde.
For the project Zabriskie Point Reloaded he plays engraved vinyls and
uses digital samplers.
Martino Mugnai: lives in Florence (IT), he plays with the band
Velvetscore. He shared the stage with international bands like Mogwai,
Blonde Redhead, Mum, karate, Marlene Kuntz, Giardini di Miro, Yuppie
Flu. Since 2008 he is the drummer of the project Canemorto.

Special thanks to the performers: Valerì Rughi , Sofia Milazzo,
Aggiungi didascalia
Zabriskie Point Reloaded, performance.
Sofia Buti, Giacomo Laser.


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