Jump into the UnKnown: Future Rhythms

Conference on Educational Strategies via the Body and Performance

To mark the end of 'Jump into the Unknown', a collateral event of the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, organized by Nine Dragon Heads.

In the 20th Century Carl Jung famously wrote that ‘mankind is in search of a soul’, yet in the 21st Century we are arguably in search also of our body and of our minds, subject as we are to the runaway train of rationalism, which has reduced all things in nature to numerical values [...] 

To get away from the crippling phenomenon of rationalization and its utterly irrational outcomes we must not look to leap into another worldly realm or to a promised future. We need, rather to jump back into ourselves, into the radically unknown and unknowable ‘present'.

Robert Pettena, The Torture of Meditation, Future Rhythms, 2015

Future Rhythms is a two day conference hosted by SaLE in conjunction with Nine Dragon Heads and Joan of Art. It will bring togther visual artists, performers, VJ’s and DJ’s to present audio, visual and performance works which educate via their form and which physically move the public, or which engage in themes of embodiment and the reclaiming of physicality and physical space.

The event will be divided into performances, video screenings, workshops and roundtable discussions both in SaLE Docks and around Venice, engaging the public. There will also be a party in which DJ's and VJ’s are invited to respond to the above themes.

Organizer: Mike Watson
Organzational Team: Raggio di Luna Orsi
Gabriel Adams

Robert Pettena, The Torture of Meditation, Future Rhythms, 2015
 A meditation workshop designed to highlight the human body as a comprehensive capsule which contains the basic materials necessary for well being, confronting the equally aggressive and negative uses to which the body can be used with little or no use of tools or equipment.
Basic torture methods often involve little or no equipment and can be carried out without a torturer even touching their subject. For example, a victim can be told to stand in one position with their arms held
aloft for a prolonged period of time, creating extreme discomfort.
Meditation similarly uses no or little equipment and can be an equally challenging experience, albeit an essentially positive one.
Meditation is not just about calming the mind. It is also for clearing the mind of unimportant things, such as obsessions with celebrity, fashion, etc., in order to focus on more important things, such as injustice, the
wars that are driving people out of their countries to seek refuge in Europe, climate change and so on. The
Sadhu who gives up his family life to dedicate himself to meditation does not live a comfortable life. He sleeps
on the ground, eating the food people sometimes give him.
Playing on the dyad discomfort/discomfort, I intend to use minimal equipment, a performer and volunteers to
examine the potential of the human body as a vehicle for an journeying through a diverse physical landscape.

In occasione della chiusura di "Jump into the UnKnown", evento collaterale della 56a Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte di Venezia, organizzato da Nine Dragon Heads

"Future Rhythms" sono due giorni di conferenze ospitate dal SaLE in collaborazione con Nine Dragon Heads e Joan of Art. "Luogo" in cui si incontreranno artisti, performer, VJ e DJ per presentare opere visive, musicali e performative che educano attraverso la loro forma e che muovono fisicamente il pubblico, o che si impegnano nelle tematiche di realizzazione e di recupero della fisicità e dello spazio fisico.

L'evento sarà diviso in performance, proiezioni video, workshop e tavole rotonde sia al SaLE Docks sia nei dintorni, coinvolgendo il pubblico. Ci sarà anche un party con DJ e VJ invitati a rispondere ai temi dell'evento.

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